Dating Apps

Here’s a list of dating apps for those looking for love or just trying to get laid. These apps are all free to use, but have features to raise your chances in finding a match.


This app is one of the first few apps on the market that was made for hooking up. With UI is pretty simple. You are displayed a photo of someone, and you swipe left or right, depending on if you like the person or not.

App Available for : iOS & Android & PC


This app is similar to tinder but with a twist. Instead of sending a message when you meet, the woman has to send the message to the guy first. Also, there’s a 24 hour limit after a match for the woman to send the initial message or the match will disappear forever!

App Available for : iOS & Android & PC


This app is one of the oldest dating sites/apps around . This is one of the few dating apps that allows you to send the message first, before even matching. In the past, you could search for matches and select who you wanted to match with from a grid of profiles. Now, this has changed to having a swipe stack.

App Available for : iOS & Android & PC

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